Superior Asset Management Through Data Driven Analytics

We drive asset performance.

Shyrock Asset Management

An investment firm specializing in money management, fixed income analysis, and macroeconomic research

Money Management

Benefit from our specialized portfolio management expertise, covering the entire spectrum of distressed debt.

Asset Analysis

Our top down risk models identify unique attributes to drive relevant assumptions for performance forecasting.


You'll enjoy our plethora of research highlighting macro trends and specific collateral opportunities.

Insights from our Strategic Markets Group

With a highly skilled Investment Team we cover a broad spectrum of collateral. Our core strengths are our fixed income research and reach within the distressed debt market, supported by our proprietary risk models.

Portfolios positioned for performance regardless of asset class

Designed for you, managed by us, driven by data

Shyrock monitors your portfolio daily while continually focused on the long term outlook.

Designing a strategy that maximizes your overall portfolio is an area where Shyrock excels. We take complex situations and bring a highly focused asset management approach, putting the power of data on your side. By readily providing the knowledge obtained from our analysis, we empower you to make informed decisions on asset resolution.

Meet the Senior Management Team

We are a passionate team of investment professionals with years of investment experience.

Lukas Mayr

Lead Research Analyst

Clarence Ramsey


Adrien Simon

Portfolio design and management