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With a highly skilled Investment Team we cover a broad spectrum of industries. Our core strength continues to be our fixed income research and our reach with-in the mid size market, supported by our proprietary risk models. Let’s discuss how we bring our strength to your portfolio.

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Shyrock breathes new life into your portfolio, daily view or long term outlook.

Designing a strategy that fits in your overall portfolio is an area where Shyrock excels. We take complex personal situations and bring a highly focused business management approach to put the power of compound returns on our side

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Most of our clients are busy….very busy. They are busy in their careers, they are busy at play, they are busy traveling….they are busy at not being busy. Shyrock brings our clients access to markets they may have never considered.

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Shyrock is more than just business management, it's targeted value driven management.

Shyrock is a compact and lean firm.

We not only search for the best ideas but we search for the best partners. As a firm that highly limits its partner base we find people who are looking for focused plans - an idea our Team likes

Shyrock has high-quality solutions for those who want targeted partnerships

With highly focued investments for a highly compact client base we are able to drive returns.

Research on Task

Our ability to find the best small-to-mid sized businesses is powerful!

Trading on Target

Once the investment is found our ever expanding group of industry partners help us hit our target

Shyrock stays connected.

A smaller firm by design we have strong communication resources.

There are a lot of different ways to build a dream.

Careful planning and hard work go a long way, come see how far we’ve come.

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Let us do the hard work.....we're doing it for ourselves anyways.

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Our focus at Shyrock is our assets

We focus our daily efforts on growing our assets, not our client base. Our number one goal is the steady and very strong growth in valuation. A distant second is the growth of our partner base.

Our relationships are very important too

This does not take away the importance of the people we work with, as in many cases they are people we’ve had relationships with for some time. However, we started the firm with one idea in mind, to grow our assets.

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Minimum Asset and experience requirements. We limit our client base.

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While we actively seek new client partners we also highly limit our client base. By keeping our partner list under a specific number, and only adding a handful of accredited investors each year who have highly defined goals, our portfolio of investments can seek aggressive returns due to a very narrow focus. This allows us to spend focused time in areas where we excel, let's discuss the value of our research.

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Meet the Think Tank

We are a passionate team of research analysts, negotiators, and marketing experts with headquarters in the Twin Cities.

Lukas Mayr

Lead Analyst research, research, research. He loves trying out new techniques and finding the perfect idea for any kind of requirement.

Clarence Ramsey

CEO/Principle. While many things fall on his desk he has broad vision to help the daily search for premium investments to drive returns for our partners.

Adrien Simon

Product design, marketing platforms, and backend development User interface and everything in between, he likes to keep things simple and focus on the little details.

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